History - Mega Movers : Extreme Aircraft Recovery Review

History -   Mega Movers : Extreme Aircraft Recovery
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This DVD summarizes the recovery of 4 WWII crashed aircraft, with the intent of restoring and displaying the results.
The first location was a Greenland P-38 that crashed July of 1942 and was buried 270 feet under subsequent snow and ice (2 month recovery effort, followed by ten years of restoration that allowed the plane to fly again. Eleven prior efforts had failed; key was creating holes down to the airplane via using hot water under high pressure.
The second was a New Guinea P-61 Night Fighter that crashed in 1941. This aircraft was entangled and covered by subsequent vegetative growth; one of the local guides died after being bitten by a deadly snake. After six years and six expedition the plane was successfully removed, and is still under restoration.
The third was a B-24D Liberator bomber that crashed in the Aleutian Islands in 1943, and then recovered by a military crew in 1995. Their budget did not permit use of a helicopter, and considerable human effort was required instead. After the recovery it was restored over the next ten years, and now is one of 24 in restored condition.
Last was a sunken (20 stories down) German Focke-Wulfe fighter near Bergen, Norway that was recovered just recently after an 18-month effort.
Considerable skill and expense was required in each instance - a testimony to the efforts of those involved and mute evidence to a failure to preserve earlier specimens when they were commonplace.

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The crew risks their lives to salvage four World War II aircraft. A P-38 is freed from its tomb 260 feet below a glacier, a Nazi Focke-Wulf 190 is recovered from the floor of the frigid North Sea and a B-24 is hauled down towering cliffs on a remote island. The life of a crew member is claimed while recovering a rare P-61 "Black Widow" in a snake-infested jungle.
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